AS a Partner (after making at least €100 in cumulative orders)

The condition to join the program is to have a Customer account on our website and to make at least one validated purchase of €100. You will then qualify for the next step.


Sign up now HERE or click on "Referral Program" in the My Account section. You will receive a unique link and partner code that you can send to your friends.


Each purchase made by an invited friend using your link or code earns you a 10% profit! You can withdraw the collected money or use it in our store. For all subsequent transactions made by the same friend, you will also earn 10%.


Read below for the detailed rules of our Referral Program and earn with us!


The minimum order amount for a customer to become a sponsor and join the program is 100 euros.

A sponsor is a person who wants to earn money by sending links to the P’tit Style website to other people. To become a "Sponsor," you must already be a customer of the P’tit Style store and have made a purchase of at least 100 euros.

You need to submit an application for the affiliate program - the link is available in the "my account" section. Anyone who has already made a purchase at the P’tit Style store can log in to their customer account (automatically created during the purchase finalization). First, you need to click the "Log in" button in the top right corner. After logging in, the "Log in" button is replaced by the customer's first and last name. By clicking on it, the user is directed to the "my account" page. On this page -> "My Account," there is a link to click to join our affiliate program, allowing the "Sponsor" to earn money on purchases made by customers they have attracted to the P’tit Style website by sending them a link.

Inviting friends via a referral link

A friend is a person to whom you send an affiliate link. As a "Sponsor," you invite people (e.g., friends) to make purchases by sending them an affiliate link. This is one of the ways the Sponsor can encourage people to buy, which earns them 10% of the profits.

In addition to the link, the friend can also enter the sponsor's ID during the order finalization in the cart.

A Sponsor's "friend," meaning the person who makes purchases on the P’tit Style website thanks to the Sponsor's recommendation, can enter the sponsor's ID during the purchase finalization to get a discount, and the Sponsor will receive their 10% commission even if the friend did not use the affiliate link to access the site.

Referral and reward limits

If someone enters through the link and uses a discount code, discounts do not stack; only one 10% discount will be applied.

The maximum number of friends a sponsor can have under their care is 100.

The sponsor receives 10% of the friend's order value.

The sponsor receives 10% from each purchase made by a person who used their link or discount code during the purchase finalization.

Products on promotion are also included in this reward system.

Reward and transaction conditions

The reward is granted for each placed order; the invited person does not need to create an account.

The sponsor receives the commission only when the transaction is finalized. Simply clicking on the link and creating an account does not generate income for the Sponsor.

The reward is granted for each order, not just the first one (if the friend creates an account, it happens automatically; without an account, the purchase must always be made through the link or by entering the sponsor's ID in the order).

The sponsor, in the "my account" section, can add their own image or banner that they can then place on their website, and it will contain their link.

You can use the default banner or upload your own image. An HTML code is generated, allowing it to be inserted on your website. This banner is already linked, so if someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to the P’tit Style website, and the Sponsor will earn money from purchases made by these people. The QR code visible in the Sponsor's panel also redirects to the P’tit Style website and works the same way as the link. You can also check your previously mentioned ID there.


If a friend creates an account after receiving a link from the sponsor, a 10% discount* will be added to their cart for their first order - the coupon is not stackable with other promotions. The sponsor can also generate a 5%* coupon code from their account and send it to friends. When they use this code, they receive a discount, and the sponsor receives a commission. The coupon is valid for 30 days* and cannot be combined with other coupons. The code can be used by a completely new person without an account or by an existing customer.


The sponsor can use the accumulated amount to purchase products on the P’tit Style website or request a payout, for example, via PayPal or a traditional bank transfer.