Purchases without VAT
The VAT deduction takes place automatically after you have provided your inter-community value added tax identification number. Our system checks automatically if the number provided is correct. If it is, the deduction will be made directly on your purchase and a 0% TVA invoice is issued.
If you don't have your inter-community value added tax identification number, 20% VAT will be applied.
You can download your invoice directly from the customer area on the website.
Are you a wholesaler?
Yes, we produce our own studio backgrounds. We're always pleased to work with our wholesale partners. The wholesale discounts are automatically displayed in our online store:
5 backgrounds: 5% discount
10 backgrounds: 10% discount
15 backgrounds: 15% discount

Pole pocket
Fabric backdrops up to 160 cm have a pole pocket. Backdrops above the width of 160 cm, do not have pole pockets, due to the possibility of the appearance of waves or folds on the stitching. Delivery time is a minimum of 14 working days. 

Colors on prints
The colors on the computer screen are created from the colors red, yellow and blue. A screen can display millions of different colors. The printing devices use four colors during the printing process: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Our printing device uses these colors to create as many colors as possible.

In addition, the color you see on the screen is emitted by the light, while the color you see on the paper or vinyl is reflected by the light. For this reason, it is possible that the color of the prints does not correspond to 100% of that on the screen. The way our eyes react to these two types of light makes it difficult to get on paper or vinyl the same colors as those on the screen. The same goes for color on LCD screens and CRT monitors, where the contrast and brightness differ greatly.

Printing difference on different materials:

The same background printed on vinyl will not look the same on fabric. Likewise for backgrounds of different widths on the same material, they will not be identical. The 160 cm machine has a different calibrated drop of ink than the 200 cm or 250 cm machine. For this reason, the color of the 200cm prints may not match 100% to that at 160cm. If you are planning to use the same design together, we recommend ordering the same material to ensure a perfect match.

You have 7 days to contact the customer service team for any issues with your order. Please remember to control of your package at the time of delivery. If the product is damaged in shipment and you sign that you received the item in good condition we are unable to file a claim. Images of the damaged merchandise and packaging need to accompany client notification to customer service for further review.

Mix backdrops:

The background wall is fabric and the floor is vinyl - these are two separate backdrops that you combine in the studio. Remember that these are two different materials and solid backdrops will not be the same. Mix Background is an option for patterns where the floor is different and the wall is different, not identical.

Pole pocket:

Pole pocket in vinyl backdrops and fabric backdrops you get for free. If you need it without - let us know. We do a pole pocket for the fabric backdrops up to 160 cm, while over 160 cm - without, due to the possibility of waves. It's easy to use our fabric backdrops with clams. Small food backdrops are shipped without any pole pocket.


When you order a dark backdrop, we suggest you print on fabric because it eliminates 100% the reflections that can be visible on the vinyl, if you use dark colors. When you buy a clear backdrop, we suggest vinyl.

The entire backdrop changes according to the selected dimensions.

Once an order has gone into production cancellation is not possible.


Our photographic background are printed on the customer's order according to the patterns and dimensions chosen by you for the wall and the floor, printed after the approval of the project, is not a prefabricated product, that's why there is no returns. Thank you for your understanding.

Choose your best option:

VINYL: backdrops

* Special structural vinyl so that there are no reflections, the structure is not visible in the pictures

* Matte

* No folds

* Waterproof

* Scratch resistant, you can even walk on it

* Very smooth, the structure is invisible on the images

* Impossible to rumple

* Easy to wash, use a wet sponge

* Durable - may be used for a long period of time

* May be used with portable background stands and murals

* May also be used from the white side

* Pole pocket FREE !

STRETCH: elastic textile backdrops

* Fully wrinkle free

* Perfect for bean bag

* Anti-crease, anti-reflective and matte

* Excellent color rendering

* The backdrops can be washed and ironed!

* Gramature: 260 g / m2

* Material: 90% polyester, 10% Lycra

* Certificate B1 / M1

* No pole pocket

*A 3mm silicone ring will finish the edges of your bottom for easy insertion in our Double Face Support – writ us if you want to order without the silicone ring.

MATS : Duble sided backdrops - REMEMBER : write us which is the second pettern backdrop to print!

* Completely wrinkle-free

* Anti-curl, Anti-crease, anti-reflective!

* Ultra mat and ultra light!

* Excellent color rendering!

* Sponge cleaning !

* Can be walked on!

* Duplex printing!

* Perfect for newborns!

FABRIC : Textile backdrops

* High quality cotton

* 100% reduction of all light effects

* Matte and perfectly thin

* The backgrounds may be washed and ironed!

* Crease-resistant

* You can easily step and walk on it

* Our fabric is certified according to the M1 fire-protection standard

* Pole pocket FREE - REMEMBER : write us if you need it.

Shipped within 14-20 business days.

ALL SIZES ARE IN CENTIMETERS (width x length)- so 200x200 means 200cm x 200cm; reminder: 1ft = approx. 30 cm

How to store the backgrounds?
The backgrounds should be stored core-wound in vertical position.

How is the pattern split?
In general, the pattern is divided in two, for example in the case of a background three metres in height: 1m50 for the floor and 1m50 for the wall.


What is the width or the height?
We always express measurements as width x height What is the Premium fabric?
PREMIUM is a high-end, three-layer fabric: a double vinyl sheet with a black sheet between to block passage of all light.

What is the perfect size?
For newborns we suggest the size 133x250 or 133x300, for children 160x300, and for pregnancy 160x400 cm or 200x400 or 250x500.