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Birthday Party

We dress your tables for every occasion! Our patented method of printing on special fabric allows us to create real art!
Customised tablecloths are a simple way to change the look of your interior. You can choose from our abundant supply of colours, patterns and textures that complement the decor of your room.
When we design tabletop fashions, we look for durable, stain-resistant fabric that have been treated to repel soil and water. Our permanent press fabric offer is easy care.

We print on fabric with M1 non-flammability certificate.

Our tablecloth in use : Villa Wieliczka

Limitation of the right to withdraw from the contract:

Premium tablecloths available on our website are non-prefabricated products. Therefore, the buyer cannot withdraw from the contract on the basis of which he acquired them.

Dimensions.: 160 x 200

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